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Kristin Andrew


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Robin Lunsford


Robin Lunsford has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2004 and has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 2001. She earned an MS degree in applied psychology from Eastern Washington University in 2002. She worked with adults and older children in developmental centers for over 10 years and with young children and adults with autism in homes for the past 11 years. She uses applied behavior analysis (ABA) to increase skills and decrease problem behaviors in people with developmental disabilities. She focuses on teaching skills to increase communication, social interactions, and functional life skills. She strives to develop programs that are enjoyable for patients as well as staff and caregivers. She work with a patient’s strengths to increase overall outcomes, and promotes the least restrictive approaches possible for each client in developing programs. She is passionate about individualized, child-centered learning and embedding learning into everyday activities and play. She is also enthusiastic about teaching, especially functional communication to replace challenging behaviors, teaching parents and caregivers how to address problem behaviors in better ways, and collaborating as a team to help each individual reach their goals and the highest quality of life.

Wendi Arnold, CBT, RBT

ABA Coordinator

I grew up with educators as parents and always enjoyed working with kids, from volunteering at schools to working summer camps. However, after receiving my bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in design, I found that I wasn’t happy. I ended up working in the tech world (think Yelp, Microsoft) while I did some “self-discovery”. Five years passed and I decided to start school again; I am currently working on a Master’s in School Counseling but hope to also complete a dual program in mental health counseling. I moved to Washington in 2020 and stumbled upon a job as a CBT, which led me to becoming a RBT and now the ABA Coordinator at Alta Vista.

Faith Reese, CBT, RBT

Behavior Technician

Adric Moe, CBT, RBT

Behavior Technician

Mary Rush, CBT, RBT

Behavior Technician

Alyson Pond, CBT, RBT

Behavior Technician

Taya Simbulan, CBT

Behavior Technician