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Mental and Behavioral Health Care

Alta Vista Integrated Life Services is committed to the mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being of individuals, couples, youth, and families within our community. We are committed to wrap-around supports that promote optimal functioning and enhances well-being. Our bio-psycho-social-spiritual integrated approaches maximize goal setting and outcomes for all students, clients, and community support agencies that seek our services. Mental and behavioral health care is available in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Poulsbo, and via Telehealth

Mental & Emotional Counseling

Our clinicians specialize in promoting mental and emotional wellness. Guided by ethical practices, clinical supervision, and ongoing training, we come alongside to empower you in whatever circumstances you may be experiencing. We are committed to your wellness!

Behavioral & ABA Therapies

We recognize that everyone has different abilities, as well as personal strengths to build skills. Through assessment and therapeutic relation, we help you develop skill needed to enhance life skills, increase functional communication, increase social skills, and improve overall functioning. 

Psychiatric Care

Sometimes medication is needed to optimize your ability obtain balance and effective engage in life goals. Our psychiatric care team will assist in assessing, overseeing, and if needed to prescribe necessary mental health medications for stabilization. Each individual is carefully assessed and monitored for ongoing care needs.