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Nurturing Families Team

Alyson Pond, MAMP

Disabilities Coordinator

My passion lies in helping people overcome adversity, navigate the challenges placed in front of them, and reach their full potential. I am currently a Masters of Social Work student at Louisiana State University Online. I earned a BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University and hold Masters in Military Psychology from Adler University. The focus of my first Masters was resiliency, positive psychology, and PTSD, and I am continuing to do work in this area through my MSW.

I am a nationally certified psychiatric technician and have spent time as a civilian working for Army behavioral health. My areas of operation included the residential treatment facility for substance use, the emergency department, and the acute inpatient unit. These opportunities allowed me to see what a difference clinicians such as social workers and counselors can truly make in someone’s life. During my master's degree, I am becoming skilled in behavioral therapy modalities to work effectively with individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Jennifer Moe, CBT

Early Childhood Coordinator | Nurturing Families HR Coordinator

[email protected]

I have over 9 years experience working in Early Childhood Education. I started in the ECE field within the Military community. As a former military wife, and mom to three children, I have personal and professional experiences in various family and childhood learning dynamics. I have a Certified Behavior Technician training, as well as military early childhood education module training. I have worked with typical learners, and also have experience working with special education early learners, as well as with those who may need extra behavioral support. I continually seek ongoing STARS training, as well as First Aid/CPR. I am passionate about enriching children's lives, helping them to grow according to their strengths and abilities.  I incorporate music and movement, tactile engagement, artistic development, and social and emotional enhancement, free play and fun into the early learning environment. As the early childhood coordinate, I oversee development of early learning programs. If you have questions, want to access early learning services, or want to become part of our team, please reach out!

Alyssa Rodrigo, CBT

Certified Behavior Technician | Community Events Coordinator

My name is Allie, short for Alyssa. I’m originally from Texas and moved here about 4 years ago. I have 5 year old son who is high functioning autistic. I have been working in the school district for 2 years. I subbed through the OESD, I use to also teach kids who spoke Japanese, learn English. Working/Teaching kids and adults is my passion. I have worked over 2 years now with special education community. I am certified in positive guidance, child abuse/neglect, health and safety and nutrition. Also disaster and emergency preparedness, And safe sleep. First aid, CPR, AED certified. I am a Certified Behavior Technician, also working on my RBT. I currently work with Alta Vista's Nurturing Families Programs, in the early learning programs, as well as with the educational therapeutic support, and ABA therapy programs. I look forward to continuing my education, growing, and learning!